It is difficult to predict what the cities of the future will be like. But we can predict the future of our cities big and small because we live in them and know from one day to the next the direction in which they are headed. In a sense we are co-travellers with these cities on a journey in which we are as responsible for what happens to them as we are victims of their decay.

Some years ago, Delhi Transport Corporation (dtc) launched the Namaskar Seva. Under this the driver and conductor were to greet passengers with a namaste. The signboard in front of the bus did not

"Rainfall and floods are annual features in many parts of the country. Instead of thinking on interlinking of rivers only during flood and drought, it's time we implement this programme with a great sense of urgency. We need to make an effort to overcome various hurdles in our way to the implementation of this major project. I feel it has the promise of freeing the country from the endless cycle of floods and droughts.'

AS A PEOPLE'S movement, Chipko's achievements are well beyond the ordinary. Launched by a small organisation called the Dasholi Gram Samaj Mandal in the tiny village of Gopeshwar in the Garhwal

THE last thing you would get to know from the US-based World- watch Institute's State of the World 1992 is the state of America's own environment. Instead, you get an update on the rest of