Litterfall added by trees enriches the organic matter and nutrient content of soil under the trees. The influence of tree species was evaluated on soil organic carbon (OC), available macro (N, P and K) and micronutrient (Zn, Fe, Mn and Cu) concentration of soil and their accumulation in the soil.

'Musharaf permits Gulf Royals to shoot 6,000 Great Indian Bustards" stated the Jan Marg frame in the Chandigarh Tribune of November 29, 2007. It took a while for the enormity of this disturbing report to sink in. And the, a whole range of issues connected with bustards and falconary

Credit is one of the important inputs for rural development. The results will largely depend on the effective use of credit, and linkages developed with other requirements for the enterprise. The study on rural credit from various agencies such as commercial banks, regional rural banks, cooperative banks and District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) under poverty alleviation programmes is carried out in two blocks of Hisar district of Haryana. Oct-Dec 2007

Use of food crops such as corn, rapeseed, sugarcane etc for production of biofuels by developed countries might endanger the food security of the world. Therefore attempts have been made to use the no edible oil yielding plants, such as Jatropha for generating substitute of diesel.