Farmers succeed in changing Sri Lanka government

Supermarkets in Sri Lanka pitch in to eradicate plastic menace supermarkets in Sri Lanka have come together to discourage the use of plastic shopping bags. As part of a three-phase environmental campaign, they have joined hands with the Central Environmental Authority (cea) and introduced eco-friendly shopping bags, mostly made of jute, at a nominal rate. The bags are being made available

Sri Lanka sets up carbon fund to acquire marketing edge sri lanka launched a Carbon Fund in June under a public-private partnership to encourage companies to get into businesses that would earn them carbon credits. B M S Batagoda, chief executive officer of the Carbon Fund, said the fund would bundle the carbon credits earned by small companies and sell them to international buyers who

feizal samath Colombo all foreign-aided ngos operating in Sri Lanka have been put under the scanner. A Parliamentary Select Committee, constituted by all political party-representatives, will

Sri Lankan media s role in reporting HIV/AIDS issues

Sri Lanka struggles to protect rare anti diabetes herb

Is Sri Lanka s controversial power project taking off?

A Sri Lankan company uses elephant dung to make paper and profits

energy-starved Sri Lanka has levied a tax on incandescent bulbs of over 40 watts and soon plans to ban the import and manufacture of bulbs of 75 watts and above. The target is to completely ban the se bulb by 2010. Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (sea) hopes the move will help promote energy efficient compact fluorescent (cfl) bulbs.

Post tsunami relief work in Sri Lanka is bogged down by corruption, inefficiency and political machinations