THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Swine Flu is fast becoming a regular viral disease in the state.

The `peanut safe syringe' will be available in the commercial market, four years after it was invented.

Health Policy To Be Out For Debate Today

The health policy prepared by a panel of experts has recommended a complete reorganization of the government health system by introducing primary care providers along the lines of the family physician concept. The policy, which would be released for public debate on Saturday, points out the inadequacy of the presentday primary health care system to respond to certain challenges such as non-communicable diseases, mental health issues and geriatric care.

Some Private Hospitals Come Under Attack From Govt-Appointed Panel

Thiruvananthapuram: The committee appointed by the government to look into the human drug trials has found that several companies in the state are conducting trials with just profit as their motive. To regulate this, the committee headed by Kerala State Council for Science and Technology executive vice president V N Rajasekharan Pillai has recommended bringing in a legislation to control the trials.