By the time you read this, Rajasthan’s Sariska Tiger Reserve may have reached a flashpoint yet again. By 14 May, more than 4,000 police personnel were deployed in the area.

Blocked wildlife corridors across the Kosi river. Now a rash of private properties inside the tiger reserve itself.

The SC deadline for notifying buffer areas around each tiger reserve is being cheered by the greens. But court orders alone cannot alter the grim ground reality. A primer

Sariska has refused to learn its lessons from the 2005 wipeout and is blowing its second chance. As Delhi and Jaipur watch, the reserve is losing its stripes

The other surprise in the railway budget is a new line that Mamata Banerjee wished in the heart of Buxa Tiger Reserve

The urban greens demand that the rural poor live in conflict even where it does not help conservation

ONE OF the many miracles of India is that it has maintained one-fifth of its area under forest cover since Independence.

Foraging wild animals in cropland are threatening livelihoods, turning the farmer against conservation efforts.

Much of human-carnivore conflict is supposed to be either accidental or caused by old/injured animals, but how do we explain deliberate attacks on people by healthy, mature carnivores?

Without course correction, the village relocation drive may not secure our best tiger forests
Jay Mazoomdaar