Calcutta: Calcutta's air is unbreathable in the current season, figures thrown up by the measuring stations of the state pollution control board reveal.

Environment ministry bats for real estate exemption

Calcutta: A recent report by the United Nations Environment Programme has suggested that the Paris Agreement would fail to restrict the global temperature rise within 2°C, as agreed at the Paris cl

At least a dozen pollutant industries in Bengal have been ignoring closure orders from the Central Pollution Control Board, The Telegraph has found while following up on the apex agency's reprimand

Take a deep breath.

- India fails to reach even half of target, blame on Centre's policies

The eastern zonal bench of the National Green Tribunal today passed several strictures to improve the environment of Puri.

Breathing is injurious to health: this should be the statutory warning to party animals out to claim the night.

The eastern bench of the National Green Tribunal on Thursday directed the state pollution control board to "continuously measure PM 2.5", the tiniest and most potent air pollutant, in Calcutta and

More people died in Bengal from acute respiratory infection than in any other state every single year from 2009 to 2014, according to a Union government report.