The government must protect the wetlands, plant trees and phase out polluting vehicles for the city

Calcutta, March 27: Bengal confronts today what India almost banished yesterday.
The state has become the focal point of international polio-control efforts after it reported the country

Cancun (Mexico), Dec.

Diwali fireworks in Salt Lake, where the festival of lights turned noisy.


Calcutta, Sept.

Calcutta, July 18: Just as India was making progress in checking polio, Bengal threatens to spoil the effort because of what state officials themselves admit to be

A committee set up by the environment department has recommended that a

More than 99 per cent of the commercial vehicles plying on Calcutta roads after 10pm failed the foul fume, noise or age test over three months of random pollution policing ordered by the high court.


Singur, June 8: Bhopal cast a pall on Singur today, fed by a cocktail of pollution, panic and politics.

The state pollution control board has directed 11 auto emission testing centres in the city and its fringes to stop issuing