Delhi is the country's pollution capital but Calcuttans are breathing in more toxic air because of higher exposure, a study has shown.

Calcutta tops the chart in generating e-waste after Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Chennai.

- At climate meet, India takes middle path on compensation for calamity damage


Warsaw, Nov.

বাড়িটা কি এখনও আছে? সেই চার তলা বাড়িটা, যেটা হৃষিকেশে রামঝুলা ছাড়িয়ে লছমনঝুলা যাবার পথে রাস্তার বাঁকে প্রায় গঙ্গার ওপরই তৈরি হচ্ছিল?

The transport department has not allowed conversion of vehicles to LPG, a sure way of cleaning up the city air, for the past six months.

Calcutta, Aug.

A quick glance at the city’s pollution data of the last few months would leave any green activist happy.

The legacy of the "imperfect deal" — as it was called by all participants — at the Copenhagen climate conference two years back continued in the Durban summit last December.

The proposed eastern circuit bench of the national green tribunal may be shifted from the city as the state government has failed to provide as little as 5,000sq ft of space despite the Centre’s re