Excise duty imposed on methane produced by effluent treatment plants has been withdrawn

The finance minister has placed his bets on growth through rapid technological development, but critics say he should proceed with caution

A new plan to popularise solar photovoltaic products has recently been launched in India

Though the government boasts its improved chulha project has exceeded targets, officials admit the programme has been a failure because of lack user acceptance.

The MNES has proposed the establishment of a solar thermal power plant near Jodhpur, even though such plants have proved commercially unviable in the past.

The ministry of nonconventional energy sources is being reoriented to improve efficiency and allow private sector participation to develop the market for its products

India has prepared a detailed plan to phase out chemicals that destroy the ozone layer, but its implementation is subject to aid from the Multilateral Fund

Officials say the stoppage of enriched uranium for the Tarapur reactor will not affect India's peaceful nuclear programme

Two non resident Indians blame inter organisational rivalry for the rejection of their proposal to use compact fluorescent lamps, which will reduce the load on energy generation.

The nonconventional energy sector is seen as the mainstay of the nation's future power requirements and is all set for major expansion, following a significant infusion of funds.