Indian crews successfully contained a huge oil spill near the Great Nicobar island. Now, the ministry of environment and forests must assess the damage to the island chain's ecology.

Delhi's Rajghat thermal power station, which was ordered closed for causing excessive pollution, has resumed functioning and has until March to clean up its act.

The Tata Energy Research Institute's report on fuel consumption trends calls for a clear energy policy to prevent India from being trapped in an oil intensive development patttern. It says unless renewable energy sources are tapped and conservation effort

India is one of the few developing countries to have its own space satellite systems. And, now Indian planners are depending increasingly on remote sensing for resource mapping and the monitoring of natural disasters.

Mud"s low cost and malleability makes it an ideal building material. But its use can be popularised only if such drawbacks as its susceptibility to moisture is overcome and misconceptions about mud housing are cleared.

Despite an acute power shortage in the country, the ministries of power and environment find each other the main obstacles in achieveing their respective goals

Solar energy is free, but harnessing it using conventional crystalline silicon cells is expensive. Efforts in India to produce an efficient, low cost alternative using amorphous, or non crystalline, silicon are now close to success

Poorly implemented governmental policies are preventing the full exploitation of wind power which could supplement as much as 25 per cent of the country"s electric energy requirements

Subsidy amounts and sales figures may not always be indicators of commercial success. After a decade old promotion campaign, only a few Indians own solar cookers and fewer still use them. Is the design, which is incompatible to Indian conditions, t

Droughts seem to be here to stay. Wrong development policies, governmental indifference and relief schemes which don't work have led to a situation where a large part of the nation faces scarcity despite a year of almost normal rainfall