Tribals have been fighting the Koel Karo dams for the last 20 years the longest struggle against a project. Now, a fresh budget fuels the controversy further

A 10-mw power plant based on rice straw, the first of its kind in the world, will'become operational in Jal Kheri village in Patiala district of Punjab in November this year. The plant will

Beneath the gloss of populist governmental rhetoric, this year's budget is a dead loss

Bioresources, the energy and raw materials derived from plants and animals, could help end poverty.

Restrictions on use of natural resources in protected areas are driving the local communities dependent on forest produce for their survival to a state of deprivation. Conservation strategies can be sustainable only when it involves indigenous people in t

Although small hydro electric schemes are considered ideal for remote hill villages, planners have overlooked crucial factors and not all villagers are happy

The oil pipeline burst at Bombay High exposes maintenance lapses and highlights the urgent need for environment management plans to tackle such mishaps.

State ministers are giving the agriculture sector a breather by ignoring the Prime Minister's call to stop subsidising power supply and agreeing instead to charge a minimum rate. But this, too, is being resisted by farmers.

It is possible to design buildings that stay cool in summer and warm in winter and save energy. But interest in solar passive architecture is still limited

Buses in the northern and western parts of the country may soon run on a mixture of diesel and natural gas