Perchlorate (View the MathML source), which is used as an oxidizer in jet and rocket fuels, pyrotechnic devices and explosives, is a widespread contaminant in surface waters and groundwater of many countries. Perchlorate is known to affect thyroid function. Despite the compound

Concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), dibenzofurans (PCDFs), and non- and mono-ortho-substituted polychlorinated biphenyls (dioxin-like PCBs) were measured in tissues of humans, fishes, chicken, lamb, goat, predatory birds, and Ganges River dolphins collected from various locations in India.

Concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), DDT and its metabolites (DDTs), HCH isomers (HCHs), chlordane compounds (CHLs) and hexachlorobenzene (HCB) were determined in sediment, soil, whole body homogenates of resident and migratory birds and their prey items (including fish, green mussel, snail, earthworm, crabs, prawn, lizard and frogs), bird eggs and bats collected from southern India

Concentrations of butyltin compounds (mono-, di-, and tri-butyltin) were determined in dolphin (Platanista gangetica), fish, invertebrates and sediment collected from the River Ganges, India, in order to understand the contamination levels, sources, and potential for biomagnification in freshwater food chains.

Concentrations of persistent organochlorine residues were determined in fish collected from several locations in eastern and southern Asia and Oceania to identifythe accumulation features of such residues in tropical aquatic organisms and to elucidate their distribution in tropical developing countries. DDT and its derivatives (DDTs) were the predominantly identified compounds in most locations.

Foodstuffs collected from different regions in India were analyzed for the presence of HCH (BHC), DDT, HCB, aldrin, dieldrin, heptachlor, and PCBs. Significantly high levels of food contamination with HCH, DDT, aldrin, and dieldrin were evident throughout India. Dairy products and livestock meat are the prime sources of human dietary exposure to these chemicals.