Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Pramod Kumar, Shambhu Kumar & Others Vs State of Bihar dated 19/10/2020. Grievance in this application is that Pionex Private Ltd. Company in village Gulamichak, district Patna is emitting toxic smoke and gases, affecting the environment and the public health in Gram Panchayat Anandpur, Musepur, Kateser, Bihar Raksha Bahini (Prakashishan Kender). The land of the area, ground water, forest and wildlife are also affected.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Amarshakti Vs State of Bihar & Others dated 14/02/2019 regarding illegal sand mining in rivers Sone and Ganga at Koelnar and Patna in Bihar. The illegal mining was resulting in affecting the flow of the rivers.

PATNA: Even as the environmentalists world over have been emphasizing upon the need of conserving water resources for meeting the growing demand, more than 70% water bodies in Bihar have surprising

PATNA: The sand crisis in the state is likely to be eased shortly as the mines and geology department is to commence e-auction for sand mining rights of around 170 ghats in 12 districts from next w

PATNA: The Patna high court on Tuesday ordered the Patna district magistrate (DM) to take action against the unauthorized iron chest manufacturing small-scale industries in Alamganj and Sultanganj

This study seeks to understand factors that guide the decision-making process to adopt and implement the available arsenic-mitigation technologies in rural areas in the middle-Ganga Plain in India. A total of 340 households comprising 2500 people were surveyed.

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Eastern Zone Bench, Kolkata) in the matter of Umesh Prasad Singh Vs Union of India & Others dated 21/12/2016 regarding illegal sand mining /soil mining operations in the district of Patna, Bihar, on the river bed of Ganga in between Digha Railway Bridge to Kurji More without obtaining prior environmental clearance as per Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2006.

Patna: Dengue and chikungunya are fast spreading in the state capital. According to Patna civil surgeon office, two cases of chikungunya and three cases of dengue were reported on Wednesday.

In the present investigation the effect of stone crushing dust pollution on the growth performance and yield status of Rice (Oryza sativa) was studied in specified land areas of village Arap, Patna. The results indicated that the germination frequency of seeds, shoot length, root length, chlorophyll content, total carbohydrate and protein contents, and grain yield of Rice (Oryza sativa) were severely affected by stone dust pollution.

Open defecation is practised by over 600 million people in India and there is a strong political drive to eliminate this through the provision of on-site sanitation in rural areas. However, there are concerns that the subsequent leaching of excreta from subsurface storage could be adversely impacting underlying groundwater resources upon which rural populations are almost completely dependent for domestic water supply. We investigated this link in four villages undergoing sanitary interventions in Bihar State, India.