Development policies become more effective when combined with insights into human behaviour, argues the World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behaviour.

India could be overstating poverty levels as the private final consumption estimates captured by the National Income Accounts (NIA) is nearly twice as much as the National Sample Survey Organisatio

Says 10 tasks he set forth would take economy to high growth

Delhi needs to ensure 100% metering to cut losses due to leakages in distribution

The Delhi government’s decision to slash electricity user charges could impact its financial position unless Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal undertakes a drive to ensure 100 per cent metering simultaneously to cut the losses due to leakages in distribution.

An internal analysis in the Planning Commission shows that India can eliminate the poverty gap by spending just a fraction of its annual anti-poverty budget instead of inaugurating new anti-poverty

Unless India’s minimum support prices for farmers and food subsidies are safeguarded against the rules of the World Trade Organisation, the Ninth WTO Ministerial scheduled for next month in Bali co

To achieve his target of building 20 km of national highways per day, Highways Minister Kamal Nath seems to have it all figured out

May 19, 2009. Parliament

Like all successes, the UPA

The breakdown of the World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial talks in Geneva on 30 July has endangered the Doha round.

Moreover, India