The signs were discernible two years ago. "It is desirable to watch for incipient pressures building (from)

CROSSING OVER: A little girl in Rajasthan goes to a state school supported by Mahindra & Mahindra

Averting a full-blown global food crisis calls for long-term steps

Shorn of any big idea, Budget 2007 is an essay that tries to manage the exigencies of politics and the public outcry on inflation even as it attempts to balance the need for growth. It satisfies neither political wants nor economic needs.

It's not often that a minister in India willingly gives up some of his powers. Minister for Environment and Forests

Ministry of Environment & Forests
Core Functions
S Legislation & Policy
? Parliamentary Matters ll Implementation of Central Schemes
? Centre-State Issues International Cooperation and Negotiations m Education
31 Centres of Excellence