One doesn't really expect carrion scavengers to be gastronomes. So, a restaurant for vultures does seem something of an oddball. But the vulture restaurant at Kawasoti, Nawalaparasi district, some

On January 31, 2007, the Nepal government got temporary reprieve in a long-standing controversy over the Kathmandu water supply bill. Its ministry of physical planning and works signed an agreement

parliament in Nepal is now determined to find out how much property King Gyanendra owns. The government is already preparing a huge tax bill for the king and his family. "We are collecting details

Will pro democracy talks include community forestry in Nepal?

So does government, in a rush for profits from a medicinal herb

UNESCO asked to list Mount Everest as endangered

Nepal to monitor fuel quality

For Nepal s forest users

Nepal set to join WTO

The community forest user groups of Nepal will now be required to cough up a steep 40 per cent fee on their total income from sale of forest products