Just who is in charge of climate change?

National Mineral Policy will unlock the mining business

UPA's move may come three years late

It began as an idea that had more to do with filling up the coffers of state governments than tackling the actual concerns of climate change. Coal-rich states, which are witnessing private power producers line up for a piece of action, began flexing their muscles by demanding an environmental cess on power exported outside the state.

The announcement times with the entry of power players

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram had a few cryptic announcements to make, while unfurling Budget 2008-09. And one of them was the decision to set up a coal regulator. Though he did not spell it out, the Centre's proposal is timed with the entry of the private players in the coal sector.

Budget 2008 may have rehab cess for stressed farmers

It is difficult not to miss the irony.