A study was conducted to understand trends in the conservation of the locally adapted critically endangered radish landrace ‘Newar ’ (Raphanus jaunpurensis sp. nova.), conventionally grown in certain saline areas of Jaunpur city, Uttar Pradesh for use in salads, and for other traditional household uses, as well as the sale of fresh roots and seeds. An exploratory research design was adopted to collect data from 40 respondents, including 5 key informants.

The issue of recognizing and acknowledging the value of traditional know-

Arunachal Pradesh, being the largest state in eastern Himalayan region, has unique biodiversity and diverse cultural resources. The state is the homeland of five ecosystems and 26 major tribes. The livelihood security of tribal communities is determined by terrestrial and aquatic indigenous bioresources.

Arunachal Pradesh, being the largest state in Northeast India, has unique biocultural resources. To enhance the sustainability of biocultural resources, a series of village workshops (15) were organized among the Adi community of Arunachal Pradesh.