Pollution load in the river Ganga has increased by nearly four times from 2009 to 2016 in the stretch between Haridwar to Kanpur

The Centre must recall the draft notification which is bad in law and will be disastrous for the ecology.

In this legal assessment of the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI),bill 2011 Greenpeace analyses various inadequacies within the bill that threatens the safety of our food, health and biodiversity.

Almost every other day in some part of India, a Public Hearing is held for obtaining the views of local people on proposed projects whether it is mining, dams, highways, thermal power plants etc. People generally participate with the genuine hope that their views will be considered by the decision makers.

The last decade has seen a spate of judicial activism related to both environment and human rights. Two questions pertinent to recent judicial activism are dealt with in this article: 1. Has judicial activism contributed to environmental justice, in the sense of keeping in view the social implications of environmental problems and equity in access to environmental resources. 2.

The Wildlife Protection Act Amendment Bill has been passed in the current parliament session. Down To Earth had invited experts to comment on the Bill before it became an Act