Pulled up by the Supreme Court for failure to take appropriate measures to preserve the historic Taj Mahal, the Uttar Pradesh Government on Tuesday said the entire precinct of the “monument of love

The Supreme Court on Monday rapped the government over pollution crisis, which it said led to 60,000 deaths last year.

Gets six more weeks to mediate between Punjab, Haryana to resolve canal water issue

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Centre Pollution for Control Board (CPCB) to fix by June 30 emission standards for industries in the National Capital Region using pet coke and furnace oil

Iron fertilization of the Southern Ocean is believed to counter the increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and the consequent global warming.
Though a number of large scale iron enrichment experiments have been done in the recent past in different parts of the world ocean, little effort has been made to understand the effect of iron enrichment on nitrogen uptake rates and f-ratios.