Farmers in the North West Himalayan region generally practise rainfed agriculture and have very limited scope for irrigation. Water scarcity is a major constraint for crop production in these areas. This problem exacerbates further during the Rabi season where vagaries of winter rain result in complete crop failure.

Raps State for having no disaster management plan yet

The concept of integrated and participatory watershed management has emerged as the cornerstone of rural development in the dry, semi-arid and other rainfed regions of the world. Most watershed projects in India are implemented with the twin objectives of soil and water conservation and enhancing the livelihoods of the rural poor.

Streo Cartosat-1 satellite data was processed to generate high spatial resolution digital elevation model (DEM) using ground control points (GCPs) collected through geodetic single frequency GPS in differential GPS mode. DEM was processed to generate bare earth DEM by removing heights of natural and man made features from DEM.

The prominent rivers of Bihar all originating from Nepal and entering into Bihar, are adversely affected sands-play resulting from flood.