It is agriculture that brought malaria with it if humans had not abandoned their nomadic ways for agriculture, two important events would be missing from the history of civilization: deforestation and domestication of animals. Man would also not have heard of diseases like aids and swine flu. In 2007, the World Health Organization put down the number of people killed by the

How the sleeping sickness protozoan evades capture history provides examples of robbers who were masters at disguise. Charles Peace of 19th century England was one. A scholarly gentleman during the day and a burglar by nightfall, he embarrassed even the Scotland Yard at its inability to apprehend him. Science provided him with a rival. The protozoan Trypanosoma brucei, which

A chemical released by algae blamed hundreds of wintering seabirds were reportedly found dead on the shores of Monterey bay, usa, towards the end of 2007. Feathers of the birds were coated in a foamy yellow-green substance. A team of researchers traced the substance to an unusually large red tide in the bay caused by the algal species Akashiwo sanguinea. Monterey bay is home to a

Algal neurotoxin enters deep-sea food web, kills whales while crab cakes and marinated clams make for delightful cuisine, shellfish poisoning is a health risk. Shellfish feed on algae that produce harmful toxins. Domoic acid (DA) is one such neurotoxin, dangerously high levels of which are produced during algal blooms of the species, Pseudo-nitzschia. The toxin was earlier believed to