Next week's climate meeting in Mexico should avoid talk of more ambitious targets, says Yvo de Boer. First, we need people to believe in green growth.

This document is the statement by Yvo de Boer at the opening of the Barcelona Climate Change Talks 2009 on 2 November 2009 at
Barcelona, Spain.

Addressing delegates at the opening of the Bangkok Climate Change Talks, Yvo de Boer stressed that the talks must end with an evident spirit of cooperation and with evident progress. The UNFCCC Executive Secretary anticipates that the pace of action in the negotiations can and will match an increasing pace of action currently observed at the highest level.

With just eight months to go for the decisive United Nations Climate Change Conference, participating countries the world over are trying to weigh their options and ensure that their political requirements are met. Yvo de Boer highlights the four key political points that the participating countries ought to be
clear about.