Deepak Saksena, Country Director, AED (Academy for Educational Development) India, in conversation with Rakesh K. Singh on

In this article the author reviews NREGA as it is unfolding in Andhra Pradesh. In Andhra Pradesh thirty-eight lakh households have registered from employment covering thirteen districts. Of this about a third are yet to receive their job cards.

Centre for Environment Concerns (CEC), Hyderabad, in association with over two hundred activists and select voluntary organizations is assisting officials in select districts in implementing the NREGA in Andhra Pradesh. This is based on a memorandum of understanding between CEC and the Department of Rural Development and agreed upon as voluntary service and thus without remuneration.

"Why do those people need toilets?

The public sphere of civil society is not static; it continually shrinks, expands and moves in the face of changing contours of political economy at the local, national and global levels. As a consequence, those within such public spheres have to navigate