The ability of Calocybe indica, to degrade lindane and imidacloprid was studied in a sandy loam soil. C. indica grew well in lindane and imidacloprid fortified soil, but growth rate decreased with increase in concentration of the insecticides.

The aim of the study was to find the adsorption and persistence behavior of metalaxyl in different soils of Karnataka.

The persistence of chlorpyrifos in the cured tobacco leaves was studied following foliar applications of chlorpyrifos. The levels of chlorpyrifos residue in cured tobacco leaves increased with increase in the number of foliar applications of chlorpyrifos and pickings performed with closer interval of application.

Studies on development and promotion of IPM technology in rainfed, Bt and non-Bt cotton varieties were carried out for four consecutive years (2001-2004) at the two locations at Nawandi and Loha, Nanded in 6th agro-ecological region of India. Sucking pests were 31.4% and 12.2% more in non-IPM than the IPM fields of Bt and non-Bt cotton, respectively.

This article reflects on issues governing pesticides safe and sound management in India, various international agreements to which India is a party and the avenues of improvement in the regulatory framework.

Dissipation of residues of dicofol, endosulfan and quinalphos in tea shoots in field experiment conducted at Borbhetta Tea Estate, Tocklai, Jorhat.

The relative toxicity of emulsions of various pyrethroids was evaluated against the third instar larvae of Pieris brassicae in the laboratory.

Population of Rhizopertha dominica Fab.

The study deals with the compatibility of P. fluorescens in combination with soil application of carbofuran and neem seed powder against M. incognita.

Degradation behaviour of the triazole fungicide, Propiconazole1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-propyl-1, 3-dioxolane-2-yl methyl) 1 h-1, 2,4-triazole, in canal water was investigated.