Kerala banned the use of 15 pesticides in May this year. However, about a dozen pesticides which were either banned or severely restricted in other countries continue to be used in Kerala, C. Jayakumar of Thanal (an advocacy organisation campaigning against pesticides) told The Hindu. Moreover, several of the banned pesticides are still in use and some of the alternatives suggested officially are pesticides banned in other countries.

Photocatalytic degradation is a promising technology for the degradation of endosulphan and lindane.

VIRUDHUNAGAR: Distribution and retail sale of Endosulfan pesticide have been banned, Virudhunagar Collector, V.K.

Company argued it was following globally accepted norms.

The Supreme Court today quashed the prosecution of soft drink giant PepsiCo by the Kerala government over the pesticide content found in its bottles picked at random from the market.

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Altamash Kabir set aside the criminal proceedings, mainly accepting the argument of the company that there was no la

This paper analyses the pesticide use pattern in agriculture and associated management system in Kerala. The recent declining rate in total consumption of pesticides is not a sign of relief as the use of harmful chemicals is rising. The pesticides used in agriculture include chemicals, which are banned and those suggested for restricted use only.

The ability of Calocybe indica, to degrade lindane and imidacloprid was studied in a sandy loam soil. C. indica grew well in lindane and imidacloprid fortified soil, but growth rate decreased with increase in concentration of the insecticides.

The incidence of presence of pesticides and heavy metals in the leafy vegetables has gained significance. The present study was carried out to study the effect of indicriminate use of common insecticides on the essential catabolic activity of some vegetables.

Lindane, a persistent, highly toxic, and bioaccumulative organochlorine insecticide, was used in agriculture and as a topical treatment for human head lice and scabies beginning in the 1940s. As its toxicity became better known, manufacture and use declined in the United States; in 2002, California banned the pharmaceutical use of lindane altogether. According to a new study, that ban appears to have resulted in steep drops in concentrations of lindane in Southern California's wastewater and a dramatic reduction in calls to the California Poison Control System. March 2008

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