The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recommended phasing out carbofuran, a farm chemical, which is lethal to birds even in small doses. The agency has, however, approved continued use of

The Environmental Protection Agency of the us has decided not to renew the registration of lindane, a highly toxic pesticide used to treat seeds of wheat, corn, oats, rye, barley and sorghum crops.

In the present investigation, an attempt has been made to study the genotoxic effect of commonly used pesticides of South India, like 2,4-D, lindane, sevin and phosphamidon, in the human lymphocytes by comet assay and chromosomal analysis.

Dissipation of lindane (400 and 800 g ai ha-1) and fenvalerate (75 and 150 g ai ha-1) was studied on chickpea crop following two applications of their dust formation. Initial deposits of lindane on green pods were 2.85 and 5.36 mg kg-1 at recommended and double dose, which dissipated with half-life of 3.3-3.6 days.

More new norms wanted

By regulation, the soft drink industry must use potable water. But what s that? Who ensures municipalities meet standards? What standards? Under which law?

Deadly pesticides found in 12 leading brands of soft drinks

February 09, 2003: bis says it will effect changes in packaged drinking water norms and follow European standards. Department of science and technology scientists confirm findings of the Centre

After we released our study on pesticide residues on bottled water, an experienced science journalist called me to verify something I had said in the press conference. He wanted to know if it was

Packaged drinking water or natural mineral water is everywhere. It is now available in pouches, cups, bottles and bulky transparent jars. It is sipped in clubs, malls and fitness centres; glugged after a walk, jog or trek; sold on railway platforms and bu