Indoors, aedes mosquito breeds in feng-shui plants, flower pots, fish tanks, unused tyres and petri-dishes.

The proposal stated that it is a greenfield alignment and will reduce travel time, fuel consumption, vehicle operation and maintenance cost in comparison to the existing alternatives

The Air Quality Index (AQI), measured by the System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), was observed to be 105, which is categorised as ‘moderate’.

"Mumbai would be the only smart city in the world, which constructs buildings first and then thinks of providing infrastructure.

“The circulation of low pressure area from south west Madhya Pradesh moving westward is likely to intensify into a depression and that is likely to give heavy rainfall in Madhya Maharashtra,” said

“The water flows from Parel village towards our hospital. Water collected in ward 4 and 4A.

Major real estate projects in Mumbai will now get environment clearance (EC) in Mumbai itself.

“With no silence zones, it will be a lot easier to get permissions for mandals around hospitals and educational institutes.

373 teams formed to visit households in areas assigned to them

In 2008, the amount waived for farmers in Buldhana district came to just Rs 3.11 crore, the lowest among the six districts.