WASHINGTON/PARIS – A new study paints a picture of an Earth that is warmer than it has been in about 120,000 years, and is locked into eventually hitting its hottest mark in more than 2 million yea

OXFORD, ENGLAND – The planet could pass a key target on world temperature rise in about a decade, prompting accelerating loss of glaciers, steep declines in water availability, worsening land confl

BILLINGS, MONTANA – Exxon Mobil Corp.

In the wake of the 3/11 disasters and the powerful earthquakes in Kyushu in April, a new Cabinet Office survey has highlighted concerns about the state of Japan’s roads.

LONDON – With a single smartphone app, you can now get a pretty accurate forecast of the weather anywhere in the world.

OSLO – The last gasoline-powered car will have to be sold by about 2035 to put the world on track to limit global warming to the most stringent goal set by world leaders last year, a study said on

Devastating floods in North Korea have unleashed a humanitarian crisis that may worsen sharply in the next few weeks, the United Nations World Food Programme said Friday.

Water on the floors of underground areas of key facilities of the planned Toyosu market probably is groundwater, a team of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly members said Wednesday.

PARIS – The same gravitational force that creates high tides when the moon and sun align may also play a role in triggering major earthquakes, according to a study released Monday.

GENEVA/WASHINGTON – The World Health Organization on Tuesday toughened its advice on preventing the spread of Zika, saying anyone returning from areas hit by the virus should practice safe sex for