This policy brief effectively reviews the policy consequences of the unprecedented set of commitments made by the international community from 2015 onwards to pursuing a sustainable future through climate change adaptation through the adoption of the Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the Paris Agreement on limiting gl

Even a small increase in global warming will have profound impacts on communities, new ACT report finds. Climate change experts from the ACT Alliance network have published a report assessing the threats posed by climate change on the sustainable development goals (SDG) and disaster risk reduction.

The EU favours middle-income countries with its climate aid program, according to analysis by a coalition of development agencies. In a report, the Act Alliance called on the EU to revise its climate finance strategy after finding EU institutions channeled 78% of their funding to middle income countries.

A new report by Act Alliance shows that "Climate Smart Agriculture” (CSA) is driven by agribusiness interests not small-scale family farmers, ignores agroecological solutions, and fails to tackle the industrial food system’s reliance on fossil fuels and massive contribution to the causes of climate change.