The National Food Security Bill (NFSB), tabled in the parliament on 22 December 2011, proposes to divide the households in India into three groups: Priority Households who are eligible to purchase 7 Kg per month of subsidized foodgrains per individual, General population entitled for 3Kg per month of subsidized foodgrains per individual, and G

The National Food Security Bill (NFSB) was introduced in Parliament in December 2011.

As a parliamentarian, you are in a position to muster the political will necessary to overcome the inadequacies of the present legal framework, and ensure land to all.

This policy brief aims at: familiarizing you with the main provisions of the NREGA; providing a few glimpses of NREGA implementation from the states; highlighting some of the weak aspects of NREGA; and
suggesting how you, as a Member of Parliament, can intervene to improve things.

The articles in this publication have been contributed by experts and scientists from across the climate research sector to inform and empower Parliamentarians to make interventions on climate change issues.

This brief has sought to collate and evaluate some of the methods and processes that have been developed to aid farmers in the battle against rising temperatures, changing sea levels and erratic rainfalls.