A new afforestation programme is on the anvil in Bangladesh. Involving US $72 million, the plan includes the development and establishment of new nur

To check the problem of sea erosion in the coastal areas of Sri &Lanka, the forest department has come up with a new remedy. It is going to create forests on beaches that are most affected by

The National Tree Growers Cooperative Federation Limited is an organisation devoted to the restoration and protection of the native ecology of the country. The organisation's managing director, VK MISRA, spoke to RAJAT BANERJI about this cooperative m

INDIA's Verdant, covers are spread over 75 million ha, about 19 per cent of the total land area, according to the latest annual economic survey conducted by th@ ministry of finance. But it is a

At last the Gujarat government has announced a cash award for those educating the masses about the need for planting trees and taking care of them. The award carries a sum of Rs 70,000. To be

An overdose of bloodshed later, the Sri Lankans are taking up green methods to soothe themselves. Celebrating the army takeover of Jaffna from the Tigers, the islanders have taken to sowing plants

The desolation around Udaipur in Rajasthan is giving way to vegetation through the efforts of cooperative societies

The Bhutan government is conducting study tours for farmers. Twenty farmers from Parop village were recently taken on a 5-day trip to forestry plantations and nurseries in Wangduephodrang, Punakha

The debate over captive plantations for the paper industry rages like a prairie fire

A debate crackles over a government decision to allow paper plantations to remain in degraded forests