With the coming of the Rajiv Gandhi Mission on Watershed Development, a major change took place in the degraded wasteland that was Jhabua

Soil conservation work came cheap in Jhabua, but a lot remains to be done

Chief minister Digvijay Singh is responsible for making the Rajiv Gandhi mission a success

A new approach by the government resulted in rapid regreening

Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh is a many splendoured wonder where indomitable political will and the tribals have proved that the regeneration of the environment is possible, reports Richard Mahapatra

sewage water that has been polluting the Yamuna river for several decades will now be used for afforestation purposes. The Central Saline Soils Research Institute ( cssri ), Karnal will

By maintaining terrestrial forestation to improve the soils, drylands can be saved from being further degraded

Afforestation of degraded land in India can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Tamil Nadu government decides to revive its forest cover

Forest management is neither geared to meet people's needs nor is it carried out with a view to protecting the pristine natural forests of India. Even the reports brought out by the government on the state of India's forests leave one lost in a maze of fi