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The State of Global Air Quality Funding series, produced in partnership with the Clean Air Fund, maps the outdoor air quality funding landscape, presents major trends in international development finance flows and identifies how — and where — donors can maximize their resources.

Air pollution in recent years has become one of the most critical environmental issues. According to the 2021 World Air Quality Report, almost every Indian city exceeded the recommended WHO air quality levels.

The deteriorating quality of air, transboundary haze pollution and global climate change are the major problems affecting the atmospheric ecosystem. Air quality has deteriorated as a result of increasing traffic congestion, rapid industrialisation and increased energy consumption.

Nepal and India top the list of countries with the most polluted air in the south Asian region.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Wednesday issued notice to an automobile manufacturers association after their stated inability to discard vehicles running on BS-III complaint fuel from April

Mercedes-Benz, which recently launched the the petrol variant of its best selling SUV in India GLE 400, is also cranking up its petrol strategy in India.