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The ‘River Basin Atlas of India’ is an outcome of joint project ‘Generation of Database and implementation of Web Enabled Water Resources Information System (India-WRIS) in the country’, is a timely publication by the Central Water Commission (CWC) and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

This new WHO report provides scientific information on the connections between weather and climate and major health challenges. These range from diseases of poverty to emergencies arising from extreme weather events and disease outbreaks.

This atlas contains maps and statistics on the High Altitude Lakes (HALs) found exclusively in the Himalayan region at an altitude above 3000 m above mean sea level.

A recent UNESCO report indicates that India has the largest number of endangered languages in the world. A matter of concern, besides the absolute numbers, is the distribution of these endangered languages across number of speakers. The languages under threat include both scheduled, non-scheduled as well as official languages of some of the states.