There had been several newspaper clippings indicating that arsenic contamination in drinking water sources in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh is creating hardship to the local people and several people are suffering from arsenecosis disease.

The state government admitted in Vidhan Sabha on Monday that ground water in three districts had arsenic which was posing health hazards to the people of that region.

Foggy conditions persist in many parts of northern region

New Delhi: As many as 33 people died in Uttar Pradesh due to cold wave as foggy conditions prevailed for the second successive day on Sunday in many parts of the northern region with some states also experiencing light showers.

Uttar Pradesh government

Atiq Khan

Govt. disapproves course of alignment of highway in Farrukhabad, Unnao and Ballia districts

Next move depends on the suggestions of District Magistrates and other officials

The Ballia administration isn t combatting local arsenic menace