This report is a survey on the technical potential of biomass from current agriculture and forestry in the regions; Europe incl. Russia and Ukraine, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, China and India. The report provides projections for agricultural residue production assuming availability of fertilizers, plant protection and mechanization.

This publication explores the potential of biomass energy to close the urban

This paper studies welfare impacts of household energy use & estimates household minimum energy requirement that could be used as a basis for an energy poverty line.

The provisions contained in this renewable energy policy will be applicable to all the renewable energy projects. This policy will be applicable to all the Renewable Energy projects sanctioned prior to the commencement of the policy and those renewable energy projects in the process of development including already commissioned renewable energy projects.

A large percentage of world’s population continues to depend on biomass for their cooking needs. The cooking devices used by majority of them have very poor thermal efficiency and serious health impacts due to unclean combustion.


Biomass plants: Low tariff, no permission to sell power to other states worry entrepreneurs

Biomass these days is the new buzzword for Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, who dreams to generate 1,000 MW of power from renewable sources of energy in the next two years.

COIMBATORE: K. Gopal Memorial Trust, one of the three charitable trusts of the C.R.I. Pumps, has constructed a biomass gasifier crematorium at Saravanampatti on the city's northern border.

Source of energy

Constructed at Rs.2.20 crore to mark the 30 {+t} {+h} death anniversary of the company's founder K. Gopal, the crematorium is powered by renewable energy.

Development of a new class of single pan high efficiency, low emission stoves, named gasifier stoves, that promise constant power that can be controlled using any solid biomass fuel in the form of pellets is reported here. These stoves use battery-run fan-based air supply for gasification (primary air) and for combustion (secondary air).

Abundant plant biomass has the potential to become a sustainable source of fuels and chemicals. Realizing this potential requires the economical conversion of recalcitrant lignocellulose into useful intermediates, such as sugars. We report a high-yielding chemical process for the hydrolysis of biomass into monosaccharides.