The U.S. government on Tuesday awarded $550 million in grants to develop renewable energy projects to help double U.S. renewable energy production over the next few years, an Obama administration goal.

The grants will pay cash to companies in lieu of tax credits to support solar, wind, biomass and other renewable energy production facilities.

Green Infra Ltd (GIL), an independent power producer (IPP), has announced the acquisition of energy giant BP Energy India Pvt Ltd

Chinese government officials signed an agreement on Tuesday with First Solar, an American solar developer, for a 2,000-megawatt photovoltaic farm to be built in the Mongolian desert.

First Solar Inc said on Tuesday it plans to build the world's largest solar plant in China in the first major foray by a U.S. company into the Asian nation's fast growing alternative energy sector.

Hemas Power, a subsidiary of Hemas Holdings PLC, announced an Initial Public Offering for 31.3 million ordinary shares which will be listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange hoping to raise between Rs. 532 million and Rs. 626 million to fund projects in non-conventional renewable energy generation.

It's an odd week for fuel sources. On the heels of a Mountain Dew powered engine, UK supermarket Tesco is getting flack for turning meat into energy-yah, you read that right.

The food chain is burning 5,000 tons of inedible meat for fuel. The biomass processing is being handled by the Cheshire-based PDM Group. The meat-energy is then used to power UK homes via the National Grid.

150 research papers and over 40 posters presented
205 participants shared their expertise
CHENNAI: An International Conference on Algal Biomass, Resources and Utilisation (ICABRU- 2009) was organised in the city recently by the Krishnamurthy Institute of Algology and the Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology of Stella Maris College.
Foreign participation

This article focuses on the use of plantations to produce biomass energy products. This integration of trees with (potential) intercropping in the agricultural system is called agro-forestry. However, if the demand for renewable energy from biomass sources is to be met, large plots of agricultural land will have to be converted to agro-forestry systems.

Casuarina equisetifolia L. and Lantana camara L. leaf litter, sugarcane bagasse and empty oil palm fruit bunch (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) were converted into charcoal using carbonization process. An increase in temperature from 200

The assessment of energy and greenhouse gas balances is part of a larger effort by UN-Energy to provide decision making tools and aids to Governments and others involved in the planning and implementation of bioenergy development.