While the commercial and banking centre Dubai finds itself dealing with the aftermath of the economic crisis, the conservative neighbour Abu Dhabi is already pursuing ambitious targets-but the climate conditions in the desert states are not always ideal for the utilization of renewable energies.

Efficient synthesis of renewable fuels remains a challenging and important line of research.

BHUBANESWAR: The State Government has decided to expedite the completion of alternate projects based on non-conventional energy sources.

Minister of State for Science and Technology Ramesh Majhi reviewed the situation at a highlevel meeting today.

The State Government has approved 14 biomass power plants for generation of 173 MW power.

R. Sairam

Raw material for biomass gasifier plants is available in abundance

And whereas, in accordance with the provisions of Electricity Act 2003 and Tariff Policy, RERC has determined the tariff for the mustard husk based Biomass Power Plant in the state to be set up in the year 2009-10 and 2010-11 for sale to distribution companies, the State Government, has decided to issue a comprehensive Policy for Generation of Electricity from Biomass which offers solution to vari

The increasing cost of energy and concerns about the environment have emphasized the need to find new sources of fuel, with the microbial production of high-energy fuels a promising approach. Here, Escherichia coli is engineered to produce more complex biofuels

In a bid to overcome the drawbacks of existing biofuels, researchers have engineered a bacterium that can convert a form of raw plant biomass directly into clean, road-ready diesel.


Many ingenious innovations in agriculture do not require an IITian

Virendra Pandit

Hyderabad-based Junagarh Power Projects Pvt Ltd plans to invest Rs 50 crore to set up a 10 megawatt biomass-based, renewable energy power project in Junagarh district of Gujarat this year.

It is a move that is long overdue. After years of waiting, 11 remote villages in the Sunderbans delta can finally look forward to getting electricity in the new year. What makes the project even more special is that the electricity will be generated from rice husk.