The district administration has filed a case against Bokaro Thermal Power Station (BTPS) for releasing hazardous industrial waste into the Konar river in spite of repeated reminders asking the DVC–

The Bokaro deputy commissioner has ordered the heads of mining companies and the district administrative and police brass to fill up abandoned and illegal mines in the coal belt following two incid

Chandrapura (Bokaro), Feb.

New Delhi, Feb.

Coal belt police have pulled up their socks to wage war against drunken driving and illegal coal mining.

Ranchi, Jan.

In a worrying development, hundreds of crows have died in Jharkhand due to bird flu, a government official said Thursday.

The crows first started dying mysteriously last month in Jamshedpur district. This was followed by their deaths in Ranchi, Bokaro, Khuti, Sahebganj and other districts of the state.

Ranchi: The Centre has sent an alert to the Jharkhand government to remain cautious about a possible poultry infection, after a mysterious bird flu-like virus is believed to have killed between 500

Despite the decline in the number of migratory birds this winter in the coal and steel belt of Dhanbad-Bokaro in Jharkhand, poachers continue to kill the winter visitors.

Over 2800 cases reported till October, officials asked to stay alert