KOLKATA, 29 JUNE: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) today took up a scheme worth Rs 210 crore to the resolve drinking water crisis in the city.

Calcutta, June 27: The Mamata Banerjee government will soon launch a drive to find out the number of people involved in manual scavenging and offer them alternatives, the move coming days after the

KOLKATA, 27 JUNE: For the first time the Directorate of National Vector Borne Disease Control has invited the member, mayor-in-council (health) and two civic officials to share their views at a two

“To stop such practices, the government should consider if the heads of the panchayati bodies can be given liberty similar to that of the ministers, chief ministers and the Prime Minister wherein i

The water crisis much of Salt Lake had reeled under during summer has ended with the civic body carrying out a basic task it had neglected for long — cleaning up the clogged pipelines.

The state irrigation minister has asked all officials of his department to monitor the rivers whose waters are touching the danger level.

Delhi has been named the most competitive city in India for its demonstrated ability to attract capital, business, talent and tourists by a new Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) research report.

KOLKATA, 16 JUNE: The state water resources investigation department has come up with a 10-minute documentary film to generate awareness and train people on preservation and conservation of water.

KOLKATA, 15 JUNE: Environmental activist Subhash Dutta met transport minister Madan Mitra to urge him to replace 15-year-old private buses.

KOLKATA, 15 JUNE: A Kolkata engineer has designed a cycle-rickshaw that uses passenger load to push the vehicle and reduces the puller's drudgery by using bumps on the road for propulsion.