Following is the chronology of events in which the National Green Tribunal refused to lift the ban on ten-year-old diesel vehicles in Delhi-NCR:

NEW DELHI: A decade old diesel vehicles will now have to go off the roads with the National Green Tribunal today declining to lift its ban on them in Delhi-NCR, noting that emissions from diesel ve

PATNA: Chief minister Nitish Kumar, who held a review meeting with senior officials of state environment and forests department on Thursday, discussed the proposal of commencing operations of CNG-p

Sri Lanka has invited Petronet LNG to set up a liquid gas import terminal in that country, marking a major success for the Narendra Modi government's energy diplomacy and signalling India's emergen

The Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas Statistics presents updated comprehensive statistics on various aspects of Indian Petroleum & Natural Gas sector. The data on international developments in respect of the key parameters of Petroleum and Natural Gas sector have also been captured in the publication. The Statistics presented in the current publication cover the exploration, production, refining, marketing activities, etc. of Oil and Gas sector.

Despite the industrial town being counted amongst the most polluted cities in the country, the district authorities seem to be indifferent towards improving the environment in the city.

Noting that air pollution has reached crisis level in Northern India, government think-tank Niti Aayog has recommended a slew of measures like imposing higher taxes on petrol in and around the more

“The use of Bio-CNG will contribute in a positive manner to the Smart Cities proposition of keeping them clean and is a good option for wet garbage management,” Head of Commercial Vehicles Business

कमर्शियल वाहनों के बाद अब जल्द ही दिल्ली-एनसीआर में जेनरेटर सेट भी सीएनजी से चलते नजर आएंगे। इससे वायु प्रदूषण में 30 से 70 फीसद तक सुधार की संभावना है। इसके लिए दिल्ली, गाजियाबाद नोएडा और ग्रेटर न

BENGALURU: As many as 1.32 lakh households in the city will get piped CNG in five years, Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said here on Sunday.