A remarkable fact about the recent debate about Singur is that it is so much about land, and so little about cars. Yet a thousand acres of land is really not very much, given that the state has over

Goa govt bending laws

Controversial study overturns claims that mangrove forests are shields against tsunamis

Tsunami experience redefines coastal zones

In November 2004, the Coastal Action Network (CAN) approached the Madras High Court, seeking a stay on SSCP public hearings. Their petition was dismissed. The court said: Before parting with the above cases, we would like to mention that we should not obstruct the scientific and technical progress of the country in the name of environment protection. No doubt, the environment has to be protected, but at the same time we must never overlook the basic aim of our country, which is to make India a powerful and modern industrial state. Today the real world is cruel and harsh.

New legislation for bathing areas in Europe

Tamil Nadu s post tsunami coastal regulation bid is misdirected

Why Sri lanka s coastal regulations can t be effective

The original coastal regulation zone CRZ rules passed in February 1991 had seven sections. They have been amended nearly twice that many times in the past decade, and the government, if recent evidence is to be believed, is still interested in flogging