A campaign by the National Fishworkers

The objectives of the Coastal Management Zone Notification '08 are peppered with politically correct terms -

The objective of this notification is protection and sustainable development of the coastal stretches and marine environment through sustainable coastal zone management practices based on sound scientific principles taking into account the vulnerability of the coast to natural hazards, sustainable livelihood security for local communities, and conservation of ecologically and culturally significant coastal resources.

Letter to Ministry of Environment and Forests from Gujarat Forests and Environment Department regarding Coastal Zone Information System (CZIS) for the purpose of Coastal Zone Management Plan of Gujarat.

Minutes of the second meeting of the "Gujarat Coastal Zone Management Authority" held on 28/09/2000 at Gandhinagar.

Puducherry port defies ecology, economics

Halcrow, consultants to Pondicherry Port Limited, could not give a detailed response to Down To Earth's questionnaire pleading time constraints, but it did clearly say the environment impact assessment (EIA) it prepared "was in accordance with ToR (terms of reference) given to us by the client'.