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This document contains the text of the Minamata Convention on Mercury as agreed, in the form of the draft Convention, by the intergovernmental negotiating committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on mercury at its fifth session, held in Geneva from 13 to18 January 2013.

The researchers measured lead and eight other metals in a convenience sample of 32 lip products used by young Asian women in Oakland, California, USA, and assessed potential health risks related to estimated intakes of these metals.

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Rabbit skin model was used to test skin irritation of the most commonly used cosmetic products in Jimma town, southwestern Ethiopia. The most commonly used cosmetics were Dove, Glysolid, College, Top Society, Fair and Lovely, Nivea, Lux, Magic fruit world, Solea, Body talk, Kris, Holly, Victoria, and Sweet Heart. Methods. Intact and abraded rabbit skins were tested for erythema and edema under shade and under sun exposure. Draize Primary Irritation Index (PII) was used to calculate skin irritation of each cosmetic. Cosmetic ingredients were analyzed from the labels. Results and Discussion.

Data concerning the effects of prenatal exposures to phthalates and phenols on fetal growth are limited in humans. Previous findings suggest possible effects of some phenols on male birth weight. The aim of the study was to assess the relationships between prenatal exposures to phthalates and phenols and fetal growth among male newborns.

Women in many countries use cosmetic products that lighten their skin, in pursuit of “fair-skinned beauty.” Some of the products may be harmless, but others contain potentially hazardous ingredients such as inorganic mercury compounds, hydroquinone, and steroids.

Order of the Calcutta High Court in the matter of Hindustan Unilever Limited Vs Procter and Gamble Home Products Limited dated 15/02/2010 regarding advertisement and telecasting of the television commercials which disparage the goods of the petitioner (Hindustan Unilever Limited).

Order of the Allahabad High Court in the matter of The Commissioner, Trade Tax vs Emami Ltd. dated 13/11/2007 regarding classification of two products namely Himani Naturally Faircream and Himani Naturally Fair Lotion as medicines and therefore be chargeable to tax as "Ayurvedic" medicines and has held that the same are not cosmetics.

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An Act to regulate the import, manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs and cosmetics. This Act may be called the Drugs [and Cosmetics] Act, 1940.

Accurate exposure information for cosmetic products and ingredients is needed in order to conduct safety assessments. Essential information includes both the amount of cosmetic product applied, and the frequency of use. To obtain current data, a study to assess consumer use practices was undertaken. The study included three widely used cosmetic product types: lipstick, body lotion, and face cream. Three hundred and sixty women, ages 19–65 years, who regularly use the products of interest, were recruited at ten different geographical locations within the US.

An Act to regulate the import, manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs and cosmetics. This Act may be called the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.