• Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo has reinstated three senior civil servants, suspended for their involvement in the dumping of toxic wastes around the capital city of Abidjan, in September

Following the diagnosis of four cases of yellow fever in Ivory Coast, who has called for an immediate vaccination programme in the country. According to who, about 20 per cent of the

The Dutch cargo vessel Probo Koala, which illegally dumped huge amount of deadly toxic waste around Ivory Coast's main city Abidjan in the first week of September, has left Estonia and is now

Ivory Coast has begun mopping up the toxic waste that was illegally dumped by a Dutch-based commodities company, Trafigura Beheer BV, in early September. The waste, which left eight dead and at least

The cabinet of Ivory Coast has resigned following the dumping of toxic sludge in the city of Abidjan. A Panamanian-registered vessel, Probo Koala, had dumped over 500 tonnes of liquid toxic sludge

Scientists from different parts of the world are camping at the Tai forest in western Ivory Coast to track down the source of the ebola virus. The research team has set up a laboratory each in

Ivory Coast has one of the best telephone networks in Africa, yet, the Internet revolution seems to have swept past it. In fact only 12 of Africa's 54 countries are linked to the Internet,


The Cote of Ivoire government has taken a long overdue step to check heedless deforestation. In mid-September, the Forest Protection Council instituted a ban on the export of all

Foreign and national investors are being wooed in a big way to the Ivory Coast, which is overhauling its 30-year-old mining code for their benefit. The objective, according to a draft code presented