For years researchers have marvelled at the phenomenon of singing sands. Marcel Leach and Douglas Goldsack at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Canada have discovered that for sands to sing, they

By maintaining terrestrial forestation to improve the soils, drylands can be saved from being further degraded

Growing grass in the desert of Rajasthan would improve the economy

An African nation refuses international aid and sets up a highly ambitious agenda to stand on its own feet

A simple and low-cost system has been devised in UK for restoring deserts. Called 'LandCover', the system is a growing medium based on a matrix that is an ultra water absorber and re-establishes

Farming in desert, and that too fish farming, would seem an impossible task to most. But a team of enterprising farmers led by Yitzhak Levy has developed a super intensive technique to produce

This book offers a collection of 39 papers on the various research activities of scientists of the Central Arid Zone Research Institute, (CAZRI), Jodhpur, working in Rajasthan's arid zone. The book

Largescale planting of trees in deserts for fodder and fuel wood have always come a cropper since a continuous supply of water is never assured. Now, scientists from the Jodhpur-based Central Arid

The issue of sharing West Asia's water resources threatens to explode into another Arab Israeli war, which will shatter the semblance of peace settling over the region.

GEOLOGISTS have found traces of a river that flowed between 5,000 and 11,000 years ago in the desert expanse of the Arabian peninsula. Some stretches of the river may have been as wide as 5 km