Pushkar, near Ajmer, Rajasthan, lies in the dry zone to the east of the Indian desert. In the vicinity there is evidence for three arid phases, during the latter part of the Pleistocene, each represented by a major sand sheet and fossil desert dunes. The earliest contains lenses of detritus which include rolled Lower Palaeolithic tools.

Plans to use concentrating solar power plants in the Sahara to generate and export electricity have been on the table for years. Now, it looks as though political will might help move things forward.

- A project linking solar power from the Sahara to energy users in Europe and North Africa could create 240,000 German jobs and generate 2 trillion euros ($2,822 billion) worth of power by 2050, a study published on Thursday found.

Returning to Africa after a 10 year absence, Chris Reij could barely believe his eyes. On the arid margins of the Sahara in Niger, all he could see were trees.

The dispute over expanding fences along the Mexico-us border seems to be headed towards a crisis. Mexican environmental officials recently said they would drag the us to the International Court of

Native species of Arabia's Wildlife Centre (awc) can beat the heat of the desert. No sweat. For, the government-funded, reserve located on the outskirts of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, is

Halophytes plants growing on saline soil could be India's Answer to the problems of salt desert and wasteland reclamation, besides Being an economic boon

A sturdy mountain tree could transform chilly deserts into lush fields

The silver ant -- Cataglyphis bombycina -- is the undertaker of the Sahara desert -- a role it has been forced to adopt because of its own body limitations and because of a small lurking, desert