This new ADB report based on 43 case studies highlights how people work together to secure water for all through innovative approaches in basins.

The Chhattisgarh government handed over a stretch of the Sheonath river to a private company to manage water distribution without setting up independent regulatory authorities that could establish guidelines under which a private firm could manage a common resource. A long lease without a regulatory mechanism can lead to unforeseen circumstances.

The programme of Interlinking of Rivers (ILR) in India has been one of the most ambitious ideas ever, of any government till date. It is an idea that has conjured up visions for the common Indian

The desert city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is an excellent example of how Thoughtless processes of modernisation and urbanisation have destroyed an extraordinary water management system

Chittor and Ranthambhore. Proud traditions of valour, chivalry and patriotism are complemented by one of common sense in the storage and use of water resource

Noted agro-economist N S Jodha had said in one of his papers that "in the search for innovativeness in drought management, public policies have bypassed an important source of insight -- the coping

This book offers a collection of 39 papers on the various research activities of scientists of the Central Arid Zone Research Institute, (CAZRI), Jodhpur, working in Rajasthan's arid zone. The book

ONE of the major criticisms against large surface irrigation projects was the way the water was mismanaged, leading to conflict between head- and tail-end users, waterlogging and soil salinity. In

Hemmed in by intensive agricultural and industrial activity, pastoralists are finding less room to carry on their activities. This could upset the delicate balance of agricultural ecosystems.

Impoverished tribals living in the shadow of the Sahyadri hills show how degraded land can be revived by simply working unitedly