The groundwater of Ambagarh Chouki, Rajnandgaon, India, shows elevated levels of As and F−, frequently above the WHO guidelines. In this work, the concentrations of As, F−, Na+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cl−, SO4 2−, HCO3 −, Fe, dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in the groundwater of Ambagarh Chouki are described. The sources of dissolved components in the groundwater are investigated using the cluster and factor analysis. Five factors have been identified and linked to processes responsible for the formation of groundwater chemistry.

Three farmers have committed suicide in different parts of Chhattisgarh in the last four days reportedly due to crop failure and accumulation of debts.

Judgement of the Delhi High Court in the matter of Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd Vs Sarda Energy And Minerals Ltd & Ors dated 24/02/2015 regarding grant of Prospecting Licence under the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 for the purpose of exploring Iron Ore deposits in Boria Tibbu area of Rajnandgaon District, which initially situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh. By virtue of Madhya Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2000, State of Chhattisgarh has been formed and thus with effect from 01.11.2000 Boria Tibbu area forms part of State of Chhattisgarh.

Aimed to revamp the public distribution system across the state, the Chhattisgarh government had announced to launch the CORE PDS in four new cities.

The CORE PDS is based on the latest information technology tools: smart cards, hand-held point-of-sale devices at ration shops and servers that store all data and monitor all transactions. The process weed out pilferage to the black market, remove corruption and make life hassle-free for poor folks.

Visits to seven small towns in north India reveal how paucity of funds, slipshod planning and a dearth of capabilities have contributed to poor civic services and inadequate infrastructure. Citizens in some areas have organised themselves into neighbourhood committees to tackle problems that the urban bodies neglect, but this has its limitations and cannot substitute for efficient local government. The keys to tap the rich potential in these small towns are purposeful research, participative planning, responsive governance and healthy finances.

Arsenic is the focus of public attention because of its wider prevalence and toxicity. Proper sampling is important in characterizing toxic water contaminants in the groundwater. The present paper studies aspects of sampling, preservation artifacts, analytical issues etc. in a natural arsenic contaminated groundwater. The samples were collected from arsenic contaminated groundwater at three locations of village Kaudikasa in Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh). The standard method of sampling and preservation of arsenic was examined.

Epidemic declared in Rajnandgaon and Bilaspur districts; 10 dead in Bilaspur

BILASPUR: State health officials have confirmed the outbreak of a malaria epidemic in Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon and Bilaspur districts.

Raipur: In order to deal with receding ground-water level that has led to a drinking water crisis in many parts of Chhattisgarh, the State Government has launched a three-year

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It is not possible to realise the massive potential of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act if we deploy the same ossified structure of implementation that has deeply institutionalised corruption, inefficiency and non-accountability into the very fabric of Indian democracy.